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I made this typography to fill a lot of extra time that I have!  I hope you like it and there may be more to come.

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Why is it that every time I think I’m doing ok in my relationship with God I am really at the worst point in it?  Sometimes I wish I could just know everything I needed to know and be ok for the rest of my life.  I want everyone to know that God can slap you.  Not physically (well maybe physically if He wanted to; He’s God), but slap you physically.  I have never in my life been slapped by God harder that I have tonight.  I was at a point were I was thinking, ok I’m doing well.  I love God and I am growing in my relationship with him everyday.  But the thing about growing in your relationship with God is that you start to realize more and more that things you were doing that you thought were ok are actually hindering you in your walk with God more than anything else.  I won’t go into details about what started this whole thing with me, but I will say that I was doing some stuff that didn’t really bother me.  Some stuff that I thought was ok.  Some stuff that made me feel good.  But after tonight something made me think that I needed to read my Bible. So I did.  I got 8 verses into reading and nearly broke down crying.  God slapped me so hard I will never be the same.  I don;t know what to do from this point, but I do know what I can’t do any more.  Please listen to me and know that God sometimes has to slap you really, really, REALLY hard and it hurts. A lot.

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Sometimes you learn somethings about yourself that you just didn’t know.  Sometimes those things come over a long period of time, and other times they they just walk up to you and slap you in the face.  Tonight I was talking to my beautiful girlfriend.  There were some hard times in the talk and some good times in the talk, but there was one time that just blew my mind (and it came from my own mind!!).  Every night before we hang up and say goodnight my girlfriend and I pray.  There are some usual things we pray for like God being in our relationship, growing to know each other better little requests we have.  Tonight, however, somewhere in the middle of my prayer I began to thank God for this woman and how her being in my life has helped me to learn what true love is.  I realized in the middle of my prayer that I had never really know the kind of love that I have for this woman until that very instant.  it came on me so fast I wasn’t even sure why it came to my mind.  I’m still not sure why it came to my mind, but I’m sure glad it did. Sometime God makes you see things that you’ve never seen before just to get a point across.  The point for me was that my girlfriend is someone I never want to let go.  I may do things that disappoint her or upset her sometimes and vice versa, but I will always love her in the way the God has shown me to love her.  This has been the biggest lesson I have learned in a long time, and I thank God for this.

Photo 4 Oct 3 notes Best way to spend my day!  Making these Minion cupcakes for my girlfriend :)

Best way to spend my day!  Making these Minion cupcakes for my girlfriend :)

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Vincent and the Doctor
And we definitely added to his pile of good things. 

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This needed a Gifset urgenty.


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Best version of this song! 6:15 she just beasts it!

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